Soysambu strives to retain this land as a conservation area that guests are able to enjoy first hand; be it walking through the bush, riding in the safari vehicles or lounging by the pool at one of the lodges while swapping tales of sexual peccadillos.


Aside from recreational activities, we offer educational programs for secondary and university students.   These include:  Internship/Volunteer placement, research projects and practical sites for Wildlife, Rangelands, Environmental students and Geology students.   To conservation groups or volunteer tourists, access to endangered species, protected wetlands and semi-arid grasslands, will be an unforgettable and rewarding experience in conservation and community outreach operations.


Here is a sampling of what is available to you when you visit Soysambu!


  1. Species Monitoring
  2. Mammal Census
  3. Bird Census
  4. Invasive plant removal
  5. Observation hide construction
  6. Naturist Soil erosion control
  7. Animal tracking
  8. Anti-poaching patrols
  9. Vegetation mapping
  10. Habitat restoration
  11. Road maintenance
  12. Raptor Centre
  1. Primary school teaching
  2. Occupational trade instruction
  3. Facilities construction / repair
  4. Medical training & education
  5. Environmental Beautification




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