Educational Goal

To improve educational outcomes


Educational Management objectives:

  • To achieve and maintain a positive and measurable impact on communities and neighbours.
  • To implement a sustainable comprehensive assistance program to improve the overall quality of education at schools on the estate.
  • To increase donor contributions and establish an endowment fund to facilitate the Community Partnership and Education programme


Current situation and funding needs

  • The two primary schools on the Estate are in very poor condition and in need of repair. The location of Kiboko and Mbogo schools are also not safe given the proximity of wildlife.
  • Lady Ann Delamere Secondary School needs a girls dormitory.
  • The interaction of poor health and nutrition among children reduces time spent in school and their learning during that time. This implies that programs or policies that increase children’s health status could also improve their education outcomes.
  • Continue school lunch programmes in combination with support to improving overall schooling conditions -  more hygiene and better classrooms.
  • Create structural assistance through establishment of school kitchen gardens
  • Students cannot always pursue higher education due to lack of funds
  • Set up Education Trust Fund
  • Levels of conservation awareness are low in most communities. There is a poor understanding of what Soysambu represents and is trying to achieve.
  • Educate the community, including school children and youths on resource protection as well as the purpose and importance of Soysambu Conservancy.
  • Improve schools and educational facilities within the Conservancy and neighboring communities

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