Cooks well energy Saving jikos group did a demonstration at Soysambu Conservancy yesterday to women from the 13 Communities that surrounds the Conservancy. The turn up was great, forty women were present, the objective of the project was to educate women on the use of energy Saving jikos and the use of barrel kiln to carbonize sustainably pruned and harvested twigs and branches hence encourage sustainable use of fuel wood. The Ceremony was led by Mr.Kinyanjui from the Cooks well Energy Saving Jikos and Graced by Lord and Lady Delamere. Among the hosts were the Managing Director Delamere Estate, CEO Soysambu Conservancy and the Community Education and Awareness Officer.
The group sales diverse jikos types among them are;
I. 3 Level oven
II. Mini oven
III. 6 Burner Energy Saving BBQ Jikos.
IV. The Newest Cooks well Space Heater-The ode to Mr. Toad.
You are also invited to join the cooks well customers by purchasing a jiko(s) at an affordable price. For costs Google Cooks well energy saving Jikos.
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Education Section;By Mr.Kinyanjui.

Education Section;By Mr.Kinyanjui.

Demonstration Session

Demonstration Session

The various types of Jikos

The various types of Jikos



The Kenya Wildlife Service on Saturday, September 15, 2012 hosted the 8th edition of Cycle with the Rhino event at Lake Nakuru National Park.
Cycle with the Rhino is an annual unique cycling fund-raising competition initiated by KWS whose main aim is to rehabilitate the 74km Lake Nakuru National Park perimeter electric fence which is key in mitigating human-wildlife conflict, providing a secure rhino breeding sanctuary and protecting Lake Nakuru National Park – an internationally renowned bird’s watcher’s paradise famous for its flamingos.
Proceeds from the event also go towards community conservation education and the implementation of community social responsibility projects initiated by KWS for communities living around the park.
The Guest of Honour at the event was the German Ambassador to Kenya, H.E Mrs. Margit Hell Wig-Botte. Others to grace the event were the KWS Director, Julius Kipng’etich and two-time world marathon record holder, Amb. Dr. Tecla Loroupe.
The event brought together stakeholders, sponsors, communities living around the park and the general public through a unique and thrilling cycling competition as they cycled through the dusty hills and valleys, crisscrossing the heart of Nakuru town and its environs before culminating in a lifetime experience of a tour and adventure of Lake Nakuru National Park.
1. Davis Kinuthia
2. Husein Manfred
3. Paul Ariko
1. Fredrick Musiani
2. Dominic Ooko Ouna
3. George Mwangi
1. Keneth Kamau
2. Anthony Kiarie
3. Keneth Kamau
1. Peter Gathere
2. Jarsey Ngugi
3. Keneth karaya
1. Brian Wardrose
2. Mbuthia Peter
3. James Kimani
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8th edition cycle with the Rhino champions.

Desnaring and awareness

The bushmeat trade has been blamed for the alarming rate of wildlife decline worldwide; however, subsistence poaching has led to the local extinction of animal species . International, national, regional and local treaties and agreements have been signed to combat the vice. Soysambu conservancy in conjunction with the Born Free Foundation had a two day community outreach   on the importance of wildlife conservation and the impact of the bush meat  trade, with  video showings.   A whole day was dedicated to the removal of snares where 33 live snares were retrieved and 43 dead snares  collected within the conservancy.   This activity coincided with the celebration of the late  George Adamson a legendary lion conservationist, on whose legacy the Born Free film and later, the Foundation were established.

Community at Kongasis watching video on dangers of bushmeat


Snares found inside the Conservancy by Team







In Soweto, South Africa, on June 16, 1976, about ten thousand black school children marched in a column more than half a mile long, protesting the poor quality of their education and demanding their right to be taught in their own language. Hundreds of young students were shot.
To honor the memory of those killed and the courage of all those who marched ,the day of the African child has been celebrated on 16th June every year since 1991, when it was first initiated by the organization of African Unity (African Union). The day also draws the attention to the lives of African children today. During the African Union Heads of states’ meeting of July 1990, it was resolved that June 16th be observed as the day of the African child. It was first observed in Kenya in 1991 and it has since become an annual event.
This year at Gilgil District, the event took place at Gilgil stadium and was flagged off by Rift Valley Director of children Services. Twenty three schools, children’s home, Non-Governmental Organizations and street children’s turned up for the event.
The team for the day was; the rights of children with Disabilities, the duty to protect, respect, promote and fulfill. Presentations dominated the day from the various groups, this comprised of; poems, skits and Songs .
Let’s join hands and ensure that children gets their right.
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Marching  around Gilgil Town




Rally Raid Kenya is a multi-round “Dakar style” national championship open to cars, buggies, quads & bikes & run to a two day format. Rally Raid Kenya is a multi-round “Dakar style” national championship open to cars, buggies, quads & bikes & run to a two day format. It is the fastest growing form of motorsport in the country with upwards of 45 competitors at each event. Based on the world famous “Dakar” event our cross country rally raids run to a two day format over a variety of terrain with the emphasis on navigation!
This event was hosted in Soysambu Conservancy on both Saturday May19th and Sunday 20th; it was fantastic despite the challenges due to wet season.
The sponsors of the event were;
Colortunes – competition numbers
ALS – medical helicopter
Feast with the Beast – accommodation and catering
Kick Energy & Mayes Media – DVD and TV coverage
All of the motor clubs and competitors (and their families)
Winners for the day were;
Simon & Whiz – Hybrid Plaz – 3:34:37
Ross Field – 4:25:11
Joe Boulanger – 4:31:56
Many thank s to Mike Borrisow and his team for the good work that made the event successful.
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