Desnaring and Awareness

Three days from 13th April to 17th April were dedicated to remove the snares and collect wires in the conservancy. With volunteers, Born Free Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers we managed to patrol the areas around Kiungururia and Booster, Punda Milia, Congreve area and Oljorai.

A three days awareness creation on the importance of conservation the animals and the impacts of bush meat trade through video shows to the local communities and talks.We managed to recover 226 snares from Kiungururia,Mwariki,Congreve, punda milia and along the booster area in the three days activity. The poachers put the snares in groups along the animal trails. Most of the snares are indiscriminative as they target any animals.

Video shows were not conducted as expected due to heavy rains in the targeted areas; however we managed to talk to some people at Kiungururia on the issue and created awareness.

A lot of awareness is needed to the local communities; however this cannot be achieved by one organization alone. We spotted many intentional snares where wires were gathered to do the activity.

More desnaring activities will be done on June.

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  1. sachin @ India wildlife tours

    That’s true a lot of awareness is needed to save these species. Steps are taken by most of the countries of the world to poaching.


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