To achieve a better produce and valuable products the contributing factors to such a produce should always be taken care of, this is why Soysambu Conservancy is putting in efforts in maintaining a clean environment by mobilizing the surrounding community to collect litter within and around the Conservancy. The activity helps in the reduction of environmental pollution, helps in the improvement of the animal health by ensuring that the food material grazed on by the animals does not contain any toxicants, it enhances the maintenance of a clean environment.
The activity took place on 13th April 2011, participants during this activity included the following; Soysambu staff, BORNFREE Staff, KWS Staff, WCKvolunteer students, African Venture Students, Teachers and pupils of both Echariria and Kiboko primary school .The cleanup ended at noon and the group was given a talk on the importance of a clean environment, then a video show on the impacts of Game meat. Lets join together in maintaining a clean environment by being responsible in the way we dispose our litter. The team for the day was; A clean Environment for a better Conservation.

Shared by: Community Education and Awareness Officer (Beaty Limo)


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