Greenery returns to Soysambu!

Over the last two weeks the Conservancy has finally been getting some much needed respite from the drought. Below are some pics I snapped this afternoon on a drive through the Conservancy.

1. For the first time in 5 months there is finally some water in the Mereroni River, while it is not quite flowing into Lake Elmenteita yet, we are hopeful that with a few more showers the stream will reach to the lake shore.
The Mereroni River

2. Two young male Water Bucks enjoying the fresh juicy grass.
Water buck

3. This Jackal and his mate stop mid Dikdik hunt to watch with curiosity as we drive by.
A Jackal

4. A Rothschild’s Giraffe enjoys the freshly budding leaves of a mathuthi bush.
A Giraffe browsing

5. Finally, the glorious site of The Nose and flamingos reflected in the lake water.
Lake Elmenteita and Delamere Nose

It is amazing that the colours in the landscape have changed so dramatically over the last two weeks. Incredible what a bit of rain can do!


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