Soysambu conservancy game counts

Saturday May  25th 2013,marked the wet counts season for Soysambu conservancy limited. With over 20 participants drown from various stakeholders and local communities and the entire Soysambu conservancy,nine thousand,six hundred and thirty animals were counted(9630 animals) Zebras recorded the highest numbers with an increase of41% compared to last year of 12%  Zebras, Impalas and Thompson’s gazelle topped the list; most of animals recorded a decrease. However the population of the endangered Rothschild giraffe increased from the previous 80 to 140, 57 %increase over the last 8months most of giraffes were young ones. Waterbucks,warthogs,grant gazelles and jackals recorded an increase. Few primates were recorded with baboons having the highest numbers. No Columbus monkey was spotted though they exist. Small mammals recorded low numbers as a result of weather conditions in the morning.

We wish to appreciate the great support granted by all the volunteers. We can’t forget the great support from all the lodges, Mbweha camp,sleeping warrior lodge among other volunteers.

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