The Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp luxury Tented Camp construction commenced in April and is scheduled for opening in December 2010.
As the construction is coming up, you can imagine the magnificence of the Camp when it will be completed. Talking to one of the engineers the plans they have, makes me dream rather wish of spending just a night in the Camp. My imagination tells me it will be a small paradise on earth.

The Camp is located along the shores of Lake Elmenteita which hosts the beautiful Lesser and Greater Flamingos and the Breeding site of the Pelican and other water fowls As you sit back and relax, you can see the beautiful sceneries and its reflection in the lake that nature offers.

It’s approximately 120km from Nairobi and 25 km from Nakuru. The Soysambu Conservancy is centrally located as tourists can easily access the Central, Mountain, Eastern tourist circuits and the Mara.

The Serena’s will be exclusively offer their customers the best services and nature will ensure you relax and forget all your sorrows, fears and stress. I hope the moment you leave this place you will be a new you, ready to face the future with courage and confidence.

Saving a beautiful flamingo sanctuary from extinction

This article written by Beatrice Obwocha appeared in the Kenyan national newspaper The Standard today (5//11/09)

From the Nairobi-Nakuru highway, the shoreline of Lake Elementaita looks like a desert surrounding a small patch of water.

The western and eastern shores of the lake hold little patches of water from hot springs while the main basin of one of Rift Valley’s smallest lakes is turning into a dust bowl.

One gets the impression that they can walk right across the remaining muddy patch that stretches several kilometres.

When strong winds blow, a whirlwind of grey dust sweeps right across the lake whose water levels have declined to less than half a metre deep.

Not even water from the recent rains pounding Nakuru and its environs seem to have made a difference on the lake.

Thousand of flamingos that used to line its shores, giving them a pink hue, have migrated elsewhere as the lake’s water level has declined to its lowest in 20 years.
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