Varreaux’s Eagle Owl Released

It was a beatiful and memmorable day  to witness the release of  a female Varreaux’s eagle ow

(Bubo lacteus) in Soysambu Conservancy yesterday.The eagle had been  staying in the Little Owl Sancrtuary in Naivasha where the bird experts ,Sarah Higgins  and Simon took great care of her following the injuries  she got from a fight with another eagle.The bird had been surgically stitched and  toes  on one of the legs could also not open as usual.The sanctuary  was able to help  this beautiful creature for some time and it was beautiful  to watch it fly to its natural habitat where it will unite with other Varreaux’s in Soysambu.The exercise was witnessed by Lady Ann Delamere,Madam Kat Combes(CEO Soysambu Conservancy),Simon among others.

By Duncan.

Sarah Higgins with the Varreaux's eagle ready for release.

Sarah Higgins with the Varreaux's eagle ready for release.The eagle perching on accacia after the release.

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