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Generic maxalt online " The "Max Alt" value refers to the maximum amount of "max" value allowed for a character on server, including gear, skills, attributes and stats. The "online" indicates whether or not the server is running "online only" option for a character or if it's running both the "online and offline" options for a single character on that server. An example of this is if you have a character with Max Alt of 1 and you were to change it 3 then we would see the following: http://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/1taf7p/a_list_of_all_max_alt values_that_can_be/cw4hfk5 There are quite a few characters with low Max Alt, and there will be more as the game goes on. Character Sheet Name For characters and in your friends list (which you need to manually access, as Destiny is not friend-based), the character sheet name contains character's in the title/names part (e.g. "John Doe" and Doe's Last Game") For characters and in your clan's sheet you must enter the clan name; e.g. "D.O.E.S.E.". For all other character sheets like the Guardians of Omega sheet, you can leave it at the character name and if your clan is in a different area you can have it be your clan name and not first last names (e.g. "D.O.E.S.E." and "D.O.E.S.E's First Last Game"). You can then enter the online pharmacy uk prescription clan name in next part of the name or leave it blank. Clan Name By clicking "View" then this box you will show the clan's name, e.g. "D.O.E.S.E.". You can then enter the clan name in next part of the name or leave it blank. Raid Name This is where you enter the raid name, e.g. "Siege of the Taken King" This will also show if there is a clan/clan's name or clan's title attached. If this is blank on your clan sheet you should probably add it later. Character Name By clicking "View" then this box you will show the character's name, i.e. "D.O.E.S.E.". You can then enter the character name in next part of the name or leave it blank. Character Type This will show the character's type for purpose of matchmaking. By clicking "View" then this box you will show the character's type for purpose of matchmaking. Name and Class By clicking "View" then this box you will show the character's name and class if you have a faction affiliation.

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