The week kicked off well with Desnaring within Soysambu Conservancy. The team comprised of two BORNFREE staff, Three Soysambu staff, three volunteers and one attachment student. The objective of the week was to remove snares on the various strategic areas of the Conservancy and educates both the students/pupils and the entire community on the effects of Game meat and other illegal activities on protected areas based on the current wildlife bill.
During the operation, one male impala was found dead in a snare. On the same note the team rescued a zebra through Desnaring.
Outreach was carried out in primary, high schools and tertiary institution. Among the schools reached were; Echariria primary school, Itherero primary school , lady Ann high School and Word Ablaze bible institute. The institutions were given a talk and shown a video on the reasons as to why we should conserve wildlife.
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