Desnaring and awareness

The bushmeat trade has been blamed for the alarming rate of wildlife decline worldwide; however, subsistence poaching has led to the local extinction of animal species . International, national, regional and local treaties and agreements have been signed to combat the vice. Soysambu conservancy in conjunction with the Born Free Foundation had a two day community outreach   on the importance of wildlife conservation and the impact of the bush meat  trade, with  video showings.   A whole day was dedicated to the removal of snares where 33 live snares were retrieved and 43 dead snares  collected within the conservancy.   This activity coincided with the celebration of the late  George Adamson a legendary lion conservationist, on whose legacy the Born Free film and later, the Foundation were established.

Community at Kongasis watching video on dangers of bushmeat


Snares found inside the Conservancy by Team






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