This is a practice that enhances the passage of knowledge to the upcoming generation, Soysambu Conservancy is putting in effort not only to reach the adult members of the society ,but also the young , this is why we could not have any reason not to visit Mbogo Primary School and Share with them what Wildlife is and why we should conserve them. The School is located at the Conservancy .
Educating such a group helps in developing the careers and improving the perspectives of such groups on our Natural Resources and hence, improving the Conservation status of our Wild Species therefore, reducing the Conservation challenges in our protected Areas . Lets join hands and advocate for our Wildlife for the sake of the present and the future generation :” Conservation for a better Tomorrow” let that be our song all the time.
Shared By : Community Education and Awareness Department.


  1. Thomas K Mwaura Principal Mugaa sec

    Am really impressed by the way you are doing in conserving our biodiversity fauna and flora inclusive .As your neighbouring school we are really touched by the way you are opening up to the community .On 23rd may 2011 i met with elementaita region education stakeholders and they proposed soysambu to be part of our board of gorvernors.I feel this will be symbiotic in that both parties will assist one another .Soysambu we love you we as mugaa secondary school fraternity will always support you in your conservancy effort Tel +254722832072


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