Lake Elmenteita is now blossoming!! It’s amazing that in a short span of the rainy season there is a great difference with waterfowls celebrating the new lease of life. Infact, if you were to be given a photo shot in December 2009 and May 2010, you cannot tell it is the same place.

The Lake has been known to be a stopover site for migratory birds from Asia, South Africa, USA and Europe. Furthermore, it is a breeding site for the Great White Pelican! the Lesser and Greater Flamingo mingle with the Great White Pelican and other waterfowls.

Did you know that the Lesser Flamingo is recorded as a Threatened species? Thus the great need to conserve and preserve Lake Elmenteita, which is almost three quarter within Soysambu Conservancy. I have never heard of a Conservancy, which has a Lake within it except Soysambu Conservancy. Do you know of any? You will then agree with me it’s a very unique feature.

As Kenya pushes for the three lakes to join the World Heritage Site, we are glad that Lake Elmenteita is nominated among them as it’s a place with ecological significance.

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