Sunbird Lodge on Lake Elmenteita

If you feel city – jaded, work –stressed and in need of revitalisation, there is a quick – fix solution; you will find it just two hours (134 kms, 84miles) from Nairobi and barely two minutes up off the Nairobi/Nakuru Highway at Sunbird Lodge, which opened in 2008. It is situated high enough up for you to get a panoramic view of Lake Elmentaita and the surrounding, varied landscape. Sitting under a large shady umbrella, on the spacious verandah, you can relax watching the view, which constantly changes, depending on the time of day.

Sunbird Lodge 2

As the sun slowly disappears try a gentle walk down the winding path that leads you past the ten luxuriously appointed cottages and the swimming pool. Then make your way to the scenic ‘Sundowner Viewpoint’, which is a small group of rocks situated just above the shoreline. Once there, you will be served with your drink of choice, as you see yet another facet of nature in this amazing, changing landscape – this time a stunning, blazing sunset!

Sunbird Lodge

If you would like to experience the indigenous wildlife, Lake Nakuru National Park is only 20 minutes away and The Soysambu Conservancy is right on the doorstep. The Conservancy includes most of Lake Elmentaita, which, due to its alkaline content, is home to thousands of the spectacularly pink flamingoes and the lovably ugly pelicans. These two species both need to be seen ‘up close and personal’. I recommend this as an antidote for ‘Workitis’.

Sunbird lodge 3

If you still need something more, I suggest getting a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the area, from a balloon, as Gunter and Othmar, the owners of Sunbird Lodge, who also happen to be balloonists, can also arrange this with Go Ballooning Kenya. This would be the perfect end to your, relaxing, away-from-it-all break.

Go Ballooning over Soysambu

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