Invasive plant (Cactus Plant)

 Invasive plant

Cactus plant is in the family: Cactaceae, it originates from Mexico. It grows like a tree. The plant has succulent stem while the leaves are spined hence adapted to extremely arid or semi arid conditions. The spines prevent it from being eaten (humans know how to go about nature) and reduces rate of transpiration. They can be used as ornamental plants as some produce beautiful red flowers and their fruits are edible.

The cactus plantation is coming up very quickly and it is taking over the grazing fields creating competition for pasture thus posing risks to both wildlife and livestock (a population of approximately 17,000) during dry seasons.

The cactus fruits are green and turn yellow when ripe. One has to put in mind that everything that glitters is not gold, the fruits have small spines if not handled with care they are pricky and painful. Christine one of my cousin had never seen this plant before when she saw the ripe fruits, she couldn’t help picking them afterwards she couldn’t close her mouth which was full of spines ha! ha! ha!…….aaaaaaaa.

May be your suggestion on how to control /eradicate this invasive plant will be of great help to Soysambu. Any suggestions are welcome.