Soysambu Conservancy A Reason for Celebrating

Written by Zurijanne Kelley, Soysambu Volunteer

There was great reason to celebrate Friday(Dec 18) afternoon. For at the moment I arrived the last pipe was being placed into the borehole at Melia. In total there are 9 boreholes across Soysambu conservancy which are all being utilized now to supply water to livestock and wildlife (see Soysambu’s Fight to Supply Water). Melia, in particular, supplies 1200 cows, 1000 goats, a community of several Soysambu employees and their families plus a host of wildlife. I watched as the workers toiled to drop the last pipe, the perspiration visible on their faces. Many fingers were crossed and inwardly you could tell everyone was wondering “Are the pipes low enough to reach the water source hidden below?”
Delamere employee
As I’d just learned that day Melia had been without water the past week so the success of this venture was highly anticipated. As some tightened the pipes after having used a simple mechanical contraption, well over my 23 years, to put the pipes down others prepared the wires for the moment of truth. Soon you could hear the engine crank up that would pull the water from the depths below. Hoping hands covered the front of the pipe willing the water to come up. The silence was thorough as even the weaver birds in the tree nearby were quiet waiting; their ears also straining for the first sound of water…..Nothing.
Borehole machine
While I did not understand what the workers were saying at the time, I was told they were going to switch the wires. A simple electrical mistake was all….They hoped. Again the machine was started and again hands pressed against the front of the pipe. Everyone had eyes fixed on where the water would come from. One minute then two minutes passed…At the moment when some of us began to feel unspoken doubt, water! It gushed forth like an early Christmas present and cheers of joy resounded through the site. I am glad I had the opportunity to share in this moment of jubilation with citizens of Kenya, and look forward to having many more!