Your help is appreciated

Dear Valerie, Susan, Jenny, Jackie, Marion and Marvin,  Thank you for your donations. They are very much appreciated and we will utilize these funds to our best ability. We are very busy helping with the construction of the dispensary in Elmenteita and the school food programme is just getting going. We only have 63 guards to patrol the Conservancy protecting the people, wildlife and livestock on 48,000 acres. They work very hard long hours and still can’t cover this vast area. We can only operate one vehicle with our limited funds.  Every penny you donate is going to help the Conservancy fulfill its mission and we thank you for your contributions. Kathryn Combes – Director

3 thoughts on “Your help is appreciated

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  2. Peter

    I’m a Chinese student. When I felt really sad and angry when I saw the movie. And I will try my best to protect the dolphins! I would like to make the world more beautiful! Let’s take part in it!


    High school students I am a Chinese I am not particularly good English, so I can not read this site so many words mean.
    In China, many people love the environment, are trying very hard to protect animals. But in China, less environmental protection organization. We Chinese people on the Internet to see your efforts are very touched and support, I express to you our highest respect and the greatest support.
    I do not know you these messages can not be seen, but I am here to mention all the Chinese people thank you for your efforts, thank you.


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