A dream come true and a long journey to World Heritage

I must admit this past week I’ve been holding my breath while waiting to hear if the Kenya Lakes System  (Elmentieta, Nakuru and Bogoria) World Heritage Site would be inscribed. Then late last night while I was sitting in the dark because there was a power cut, I suppose due to the heavy storm,  I turned on my computer, hoping there was a little battery power to check my mail. There in my inbox was a brief note ” You are now part of a World Heritage Site, Congratulations!” At first I was a bit stunned having prepared myself for disappointment.

I couldn’t wait for dawn to rush down to the lake and experience a World Heritage Site. It was like  seeing everything for the very first time…my first World Heritage flamingo, my first world heritage giraffe, eland, tommie, impala, leopard tracks. I wanted to tell those little pelican babies that they would have a safe home. Magical!

It was a hard choice to just soak it in or snap a few photos as I had to rush back to Elmenteita town for a MOGTEKA meeting.

I guess you will need to Blog William Kimosop at Bogoria to hear how long a journey this has been for him, many many years…but for me, I was asked to a meeting back in 2006 when it was decided to try for WH status once again. The last attempt failed due to the unprotected status of Lake Elmenteita. Now began the long process of gazetting Lake Elmenteita Wildlife Sanctuary.

While this was in the process our Greater Lake Elmenteita Conservaton Area Committee and Stakeholders  worked with National Museums of Kenya and Kenya Wildlife Service for years in developing  Management Plan for the Conservation Area which includes the Core zone of the Lake and Riparian Land, The Buffer Zone , Riverine Zone and Controlled Development Zone.

We will be posting more information and links and photos to inform you of our progress.

Here is a link to the UNESCO Site.


We will be looking for help to ensure the World Heritage Status.

Yours in Conserving our World Heritage,

Kat Combes

5 thoughts on “A dream come true and a long journey to World Heritage

  1. Pirjo

    Congratulations on these fantastic news. You must feel so relieved and happy to know that wildlife is now much safer under this new status.

    I hope to be able to visit these lakes next time I’m in Kenya.

    Enjoy the success 🙂

  2. Dana

    Congratulations!!!!! Long road to get there however. Nice to hear some areas of Kenya are now being protected.

  3. Alphaxad Chege

    Congratulations to all the work that have gone behind this. It is especially special for us as it concided with the opening of Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp. We are so proud of being part of this amazing lake Ecosystem.
    Alphaxad Chege

  4. Kate Jennings

    Hey Kat!
    Just saw this post- congrats again on getting this WH status- I know how much work you, SCL and the community groups put in preparing for this. Wonderful to see your hard work pay off 🙂



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