Soysambu Community is an organization group comprising of 13 Villages that gave rise to an umbrella group with an acronym name Mogteka.The group is headed by the chairman with other six officials.Each group has it’s committee members, made up of seven officials.


The objectives of this group include:

  • Raising public awareness regarding the unique habitats and importance of their conservation
  • Promoting the retention of the wild and indigenous, cultural, natural and Biological diversity of the conservancy including the general unique ecosystems the wetlands, the protection of the catchment area and it’s flora and fauna.
  • Building partnership with the Conservancy Management ,rural and urban Communities that boarder the Conservancy.
  • Influencing the opinions and decision concerning activities and events, which might have detrimental impacts on the Conservancy ecosystem.


The Conservancy has played a great role to ensure that the community realizes the importance of it’s existence by establishing different projects in the different community groups, the projects include;
1. Medical Services
The Conservancy ensured the functioning of the Elmenteita Clinic by providing a water tank , doctor and Medicine dispensed every Wednesdays
2. Feeding Program
One School has benefited from such program through the Conservancy:Mbogo School.
3. Community Outreach
The Conservancy ensures that the Community is reached for education on ways of Conserving the Wildlife to ensure sustainability. This is done from one Village to the other, sometimes it’s accompanied by video shows in collaboration with other organizations. Schools are reached with presentations on Conservation.
4. Community involvement
The Community around the Conservancy is given chance in participatory management Through decision making involvement ,schools participate in Environmental Beautification and tree planting activities.

Welcome join Soysambu in supporting the Community :Conservation for a better tomorrow .
Cheers !!!,
Beaty Limo.(Community Education and Awareness desk)

Lunch Hour after the Meeting

Lunch Hour after the Meeting.

Allowance payment in progress.

Allowance payment in progress.

Community Committee Group Photo.

Community Committee Group Photo.

The former Community and Wildlife Manager Soysambu preparing for the community committee meeting.

The former Community and Wildlife Manager Soysambu after the community committee meeting.


  1. Elaine Siika

    This is a very encouraging report. This practice should be taken up by the government and encouraged in all biodiversity-rich areas across Kenya so as to involve comminities in conservation of our natural resources.


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