Soysambu Conservancy included as part of the Kenya Lakes System World Heritage Site as the buffer zone for Lake Elmenteita

Dawn on Lake Elmenteita a new World Heritage Site in Kenya

Dawn on Lake Elmenteita a new World Heritage Site in Kenya

Largest Wildlife Translocation in Kenya

1000 zebra moving from Soysambu to Amboseli

1000 zebra moving from Soysambu to Amboseli

This is a very dramatic site. Kenya Wildlife Service are moving Soysambu Conservancy’s zebra to help replenish the prey population in Amboseli which were devastated by the drought . One thousand Burchells Zebra are expected to be moved over the next few weeks. On our last wildlife census in September 2009 the number of zebra numbered 3274. We will keep you posted.

Your help is appreciated

Dear Valerie, Susan, Jenny, Jackie, Marion and Marvin,  Thank you for your donations. They are very much appreciated and we will utilize these funds to our best ability. We are very busy helping with the construction of the dispensary in Elmenteita and the school food programme is just getting going. We only have 63 guards to patrol the Conservancy protecting the people, wildlife and livestock on 48,000 acres. They work very hard long hours and still can’t cover this vast area. We can only operate one vehicle with our limited funds.  Every penny you donate is going to help the Conservancy fulfill its mission and we thank you for your contributions. Kathryn Combes – Director

Soysambu Conservancy- Here are the Rains: Better late than never

Written by Zurijanne Kelley, Soysambu Volunteer

The past two weeks there have been rains. Not your average rains that roll around for about a day or two and then disperses. No. These rains have been so frequent that Lake Elmentaita can now be seen glistening in the distance with waves of pink clustered throughout the lake from the flamingos. Before the rains, the flamingos refused to be seen on the far shores of the once dried portion of the lake. Even the two rivers that join together to flow into the lake are once again filled with flowing water!

As I move about Soysambu, I can see the difference that the rains have brought. The roads display track stories of vehicles and wildlife that have passed through, the grass is visibly greener and crisp with life and everyone and everything is happy that the rains have come. Even so, I think the rains forgot to remind the Great White Pelicans that he was coming and that they too should return to their islands on Lake Elmentaita so that their white bodies may be intermixed with the pink of the flamingos like a wondrous sunset. I hope that they will come soon as this lake which is 3/4 kept by Soysambu is an important breeding ground for these birds.

Soysambu Conservancy environmental beautification program

Written by Soysambu Conservancy Education and Awareness Officer, Sarah Omusula.

Soysambu Conservancy has been involving Primary School pupils surrounding it in beautification programme for the last three school terms which has been successful and taken positively both by the School Head teachers and Pupils. The exercise has been taking place on the Nakuru- Nairobi Highway from Shiners Boys to Flamingo Camp.

By involving the young children it enables them to grow appreciating the environment and knowing that they are supposed to keep their environment clean and work with it not against it.The Schools involved so far are Kiboko, Kasambara, Echariria, Rhino and the latest joined schools are Kiungururia and Kariandusi primary schools.

After a hard day we gathered at place where we had lunch and a break. Everyone was happy to have been involved in this exercise! To motivate the pupils and teachers they were issued with a certificate of participation where more pupils want to join during the next exercise.

Children enjoying lunch on the highway

As we just started the programme Soysambu Conservancy will be assisting the participating schools in small projects which come up in their schools. As the programme started recently we want to involve more schools which are willing to take part in this cleaning exercise as far as toll station at Gilgil which is very untidy. This will be a success if more schools can register with Soysambu Conservancy (Call +254 (0) 50- 50622). We also call for donations for purchasing lunches for the kids.