Largest Wildlife Translocation in Kenya

1000 zebra moving from Soysambu to Amboseli

1000 zebra moving from Soysambu to Amboseli

This is a very dramatic site. Kenya Wildlife Service are moving Soysambu Conservancy’s zebra to help replenish the prey population in Amboseli which were devastated by the drought . One thousand Burchells Zebra are expected to be moved over the next few weeks. On our last wildlife census in September 2009 the number of zebra numbered 3274. We will keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “Largest Wildlife Translocation in Kenya

  1. Zuri Kelley

    This is awesome! Not that Nakuru’s loss but the chance to see how the numbers of Zebra at Soysambu will recover after this move. Especially considering how their numbers have been increasing. I’m excited about how the numbers will look on the next census!

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  3. Tom

    The 1000 less zebra will enable the soysambu habitat to recover much quicker after the drought. With less pressure on the grazing there will be little risk of losing any more animals and the birth rate next year will be spectacular. This raises the issue of whether soysambu should have predators or not if the surplus wildlife is so important to the national stock.


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