With increase in global warming, pollution and increase human encroachment on key water shed points and areas means that most rivers will completely dry or greatly reduce in volume if urgent measures are not taken.
Mbaruk-Ngorika water springs, locally known by community as Chamuka dam is among those key water source that is under threat from human encroachment. Soysambu conservancy took the initiative to avert the situation and conducted environmental awareness to the said community and oversees the uprooting of eucalyptus trees around the source which were replaced by 1000 indigenous trees donated by Prince Sadruddin Agha Khan Fund for Environment through Africa Forest courtesy of Soysambu Conservancy. The exercise that took place on 29th June 2013 was also witnessed by MBAWRUA (Mbaruk Water Resource Users Association)
The follow up on 7th July 2013 indeed confirmed the endless effort to conserve the environment, the seedlings were thriving very well and the community had taken full responsibility on protecting them. Below happy community members standing along the river channel where we planted the seedlings.
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Happy community and Soysambu staff

Happy community and Soysambu staff


Speaking for the animals is more than a call than a career, that is why Soysambu Conservancy staff in collaboration with BORNFREE FOUNDATION dedicated ten days for Desnaring and community outreach through video shows on the reasons as to why we should conserve Wildlife.
The schools that was reached with the conservation gospel were; Kiungururia Primary, Pema high School, Nderit high school, kong’asis Primary, Oljorai Primary and Rhino primary.

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Video show at Kong'asis primary school.

Video show at Kong’asis primary school.



Video show at Oljorai primary school.

Video show at Oljorai primary school.

Desnaring and Awareness

Three days from 13th April to 17th April were dedicated to remove the snares and collect wires in the conservancy. With volunteers, Born Free Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers we managed to patrol the areas around Kiungururia and Booster, Punda Milia, Congreve area and Oljorai.

A three days awareness creation on the importance of conservation the animals and the impacts of bush meat trade through video shows to the local communities and talks.We managed to recover 226 snares from Kiungururia,Mwariki,Congreve, punda milia and along the booster area in the three days activity. The poachers put the snares in groups along the animal trails. Most of the snares are indiscriminative as they target any animals.

Video shows were not conducted as expected due to heavy rains in the targeted areas; however we managed to talk to some people at Kiungururia on the issue and created awareness.

A lot of awareness is needed to the local communities; however this cannot be achieved by one organization alone. We spotted many intentional snares where wires were gathered to do the activity.

More desnaring activities will be done on June.

Soysambu conservancy game counts

Saturday May  25th 2013,marked the wet counts season for Soysambu conservancy limited. With over 20 participants drown from various stakeholders and local communities and the entire Soysambu conservancy,nine thousand,six hundred and thirty animals were counted(9630 animals) Zebras recorded the highest numbers with an increase of41% compared to last year of 12%  Zebras, Impalas and Thompson’s gazelle topped the list; most of animals recorded a decrease. However the population of the endangered Rothschild giraffe increased from the previous 80 to 140, 57 %increase over the last 8months most of giraffes were young ones. Waterbucks,warthogs,grant gazelles and jackals recorded an increase. Few primates were recorded with baboons having the highest numbers. No Columbus monkey was spotted though they exist. Small mammals recorded low numbers as a result of weather conditions in the morning.

We wish to appreciate the great support granted by all the volunteers. We can’t forget the great support from all the lodges, Mbweha camp,sleeping warrior lodge among other volunteers.


It was great hosting the group for three nights as from 10th Jan to 13th comprising of Eight students, two instructors (Guy Combes and Ryan) and two drivers .While at Soysambu the group went for game drives and did school visit to Kiboko primary School where they donated stationary (Exercise Books, Pencils, Crayons and clipboards.)At the end of their stay the group was very grateful for the friendly environment and diverse Wildlife.

George mason 2013 group

George mason 2013 group


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