Donations for Mbogo School

We would like to thank the following people/groups for their kind gesture in donating for Mbogo Primary School:

  1. Peter (Juliet Barnes friend)                                                Kes. 3,000/=
  2. Westhill Park School- UK                                                    Kes. 35,000/=
  3. Victoria Knyvett                                                                    Kes. 53,769/=
  4. Manuel and Tunbridge Wells                                            $. 295
  5. Alice and Tim Holmes                                                         $. 150
  6. Virginia Shawrer                                                                   $. 500
  7. Born Free                                                                                 $. 110
  8. Safaricare International Foundation                           Desks,table and chairs/playing balls
  9. GMU                                                                                           Stationaries/ playing Balls

We really appreciate for your supported donation which created a smile on this needy childrens’ faces.

Thank you very much.

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