Soysambu Conservancy Wet Season Animal Counts

Shared By Duncan Oduor-Soysambu Research Centre.

The  wet season animal census in Soysambu conservancy will be conducted on Saturday 7th May 2011 from 6:30am to 12noon.The Conservancy is divided into 9 blocks. Aerial count will also be done. The census results provide estimate animals numbers in the conservancy and also help in assessing the population trends for different species over time. This will be the main objective of the exercise and assessing both livestock and wildlife biomass and advise on how it could be balanced or improved. The information is relevant for better management of Soysambu Conservancy to avoid overstocking and over exploitation to ensure sustainability to both wildlife and livestock.

Lone Buffalo

Lone Buffalo

Soysambu Conservancy and Delamere Estates organize the exercise in conjunction with KWS, other stockholders and volunteers. Counting will be done by sc staff, personnels from KWS, Delamere Estate Staff and volunteers and commences at 6:00am and end at about 12 noon after all the blocks are covered.

Method of counting the animals.

Soysambu Conservancy is sub-divided into 9 counting blocks:

1.Jolai A

2.Jolai B

3.Headquarter  Area

4.Melia A


6.Melia B


8. Mbaruk

9. Lakeside.

The blocks are covered by using 4×4 cars and aerial in block 9 because of dense vegetation reducing visibility on the ground. Briefing will be done on 6th May 2011,3:00pm at Headquarters area and Research centre for data forms, maps where the participants get assigned to various vehicles having an experienced team leader. Counting teams assemble after census to summarize their data but all has to report before 12:30pm.The whole sc is fully covered by driving through main roads and network of other subsidiary routes. Each group consists of at least one observer and a recorder tabulating the results. The data is entered into a game census forms. The teams return to the Headquarters sum up their results without categorizing them into ages and sexes per block awaiting final report compilation at the Headquarters. Donations by volunteering or assigning your car for this important exercise is very much welcome. All are Welcome.

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