Over the years Soysambu conservancy has played a great role in wildlife conservation,the conservation of animals have remained successful as a result of the commitment in habitat conservation. The conservancy is a home to more than 200species of residents birds and the over100 migrants and palaearctic birds and a home to some threatened birds species such as great white pelican(global restricted range)grey crested helmet shrike(globally threatened). The secretary birds are among the largest species of birds that have gotten refuge in the conservancy after anthropogenic activities encroached their former habitats. On 28th February 2012 ‘spike’,a young secretary bird was saved by national geographic television team and soysambu conservancy from other birds that intended to kill her after her mother died. Lets all conserve the habitats so thats the wildlife can find a refuge.


The Great White Pelican.

The Great White Pelicans some  landing on the Island to join the Flock  on Lake Elmenteita the only breeding ground in East Africa.

The Bird of prey resting on the Acacia tree checking for any available Prey.

Augur Buzzard(Butte a. augur):The Bird of prey resting on the Acacia tree checking for any available Prey.
The Flamingos on the shores of Lake Elmenteita.

The Lesser Flamingos (Phoenicopterus minor) on the shores of Lake Elmenteita.


Black and white Colobus (Colobus guereza) in the Acacia xanhtopholea (Yellow Barked Acacia)Forest.

Soysambu conservancy is a privately owned land and declared as wildlife conservancy way back in the year 2007.It is a non-profit making organization with Diverse Fauna (Mammals) and Avifauna (Bird life). The avifauna comprise of both Terrestrial and the Wetland birds found in the 75% portion of Elmenteita within the Conservancy.
The recent animal census indicated that there is an increase in the number of animal species like the Eland ,Grant’s Gazelle, water Bucks,Warthogs,Bush Bucks,Reed Bucks,Vervet Monkey,Rock Hyrax and the Baboon, the population of the Semi-Endangered Ruth’s child Giraffe is quite promising.
The Conservancy has over 40 Mammal specie and over 450 Avifauna or Birds species. The total number of animals counted on 7th May .2011 for the wet season census was 8,615.Thanks to all who joined us in the Census Exercise.
Shared by: Community Education and Awareness Department(Beaty)