Support erect electric fence

By supporting Soysambu Conservancy to erect 85 km (53 miles) fence, the benefits will be: protection to wildlife and the habitats; acts as a gene bank, for posterity and minimize Human wildlife Conflict among the neighboring Communities which will improve their living standards. 

Gene Rurka Of S.C.I.F during his visit

Gene Rurka Of S.C.I.F during his visit

So far Soysambu Conservancy through donors has provided clean water to Game Njeru Community, donated Acaricide to Kiungururia Community, provision of desks, chairs stationeries, playing balls and microscopes to Schools, energy saving stoves and completion of the Elmenteita Dispensary.

Elmenteita Community Dispensary

Elmenteita Clinic


Elmenteita Dispensary is sponsored by Constituency Development Fund (C.D.F) Project and it has been under construction for a few years withou completion due to lack of insuffiecient funds. Thanks to Safaricare International Foundation (S.C.I.F) through Soysambu Conservancy who have donated funds to see it’s completion.

This is going to cater for people from the Communities neighboring Soysambu Conservancy especially women and children who walk a long distance to get medical treatment.

Mbogo School Pen Pals

Students at Mbogo Primary School on Soysambu have begun writing students at Lincoln Elementary School in Mundelein, Illinois in the USA. It was quite the project. Artist Michelle McCune brought the letters out when she came on safari in late November. Sarah Omasula, our Community Education director began working with the students and teachers at Mbogo Primary School which is a short hike from the Conservancy’s head office. Charles Muthui, the Conservancy’s Community and Wildlife Manager introduced the programme.  Bro Jenkins, a former school teacher in Nairobi assisted Sarah with handing out the letters and over two days helped with everything from handing out biscuits to explaining what a Pen Pal friend meant. One of our new rangers filmed the project with very old video camera. He took some amazing footage which  compiled into this very amateur video. It really shows the enthusiasm and hard work to complete the letters. These children came off their school break, donned their uniforms (those that were fortunate to have hand-me-downs). Many walked quite a distance on two separate days. I hope you enjoy the video and  wish to give to their school needs such as food, water, desks, supplies, uniforms, building repair, power and so much more![kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]