Elmenteita Community Dispensary

Elmenteita Clinic


Elmenteita Dispensary is sponsored by Constituency Development Fund (C.D.F) Project and it has been under construction for a few years withou completion due to lack of insuffiecient funds. Thanks to Safaricare International Foundation (S.C.I.F) through Soysambu Conservancy who have donated funds to see it’s completion.

This is going to cater for people from the Communities neighboring Soysambu Conservancy especially women and children who walk a long distance to get medical treatment.

2 thoughts on “Elmenteita Community Dispensary

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  2. sarahomusula

    I agree with you Zuri, ranchers should preserve their land to save these threatened eco-system and to acrue benefits from the environment. Scatch my back i scatch yours without that we will all perish because of neglecting the environment.


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