Largest Wildlife Translocation in Kenya

1000 zebra moving from Soysambu to Amboseli

1000 zebra moving from Soysambu to Amboseli

This is a very dramatic site. Kenya Wildlife Service are moving Soysambu Conservancy’s zebra to help replenish the prey population in Amboseli which were devastated by the drought . One thousand Burchells Zebra are expected to be moved over the next few weeks. On our last wildlife census in September 2009 the number of zebra numbered 3274. We will keep you posted.

Solar Powered fence

fencing posts

The Solar powered fence is donated by Kenya Wildlife Service so far 486 posts have been put, wires to be put after completion of planting the posts.

Accidents at the Highway

Transafric Highway accidents

Transafric Highway accidents

Recently accidents have been occuring on the Trans-Afric Highway causing deaths,injuries, damage of property and lose of animal life. This is due to lack of electric fence to contain animals to the lower side of the Conservancy. Kenya Wildlife Service has started to put up a 10 km solar powered fence so as to minimise the accidents but the rest of 75 km fence is yet to be fenced when funds are available.

Mbogo School Pen Pals

Students at Mbogo Primary School on Soysambu have begun writing students at Lincoln Elementary School in Mundelein, Illinois in the USA. It was quite the project. Artist Michelle McCune brought the letters out when she came on safari in late November. Sarah Omasula, our Community Education director began working with the students and teachers at Mbogo Primary School which is a short hike from the Conservancy’s head office. Charles Muthui, the Conservancy’s Community and Wildlife Manager introduced the programme.  Bro Jenkins, a former school teacher in Nairobi assisted Sarah with handing out the letters and over two days helped with everything from handing out biscuits to explaining what a Pen Pal friend meant. One of our new rangers filmed the project with very old video camera. He took some amazing footage which  compiled into this very amateur video. It really shows the enthusiasm and hard work to complete the letters. These children came off their school break, donned their uniforms (those that were fortunate to have hand-me-downs). Many walked quite a distance on two separate days. I hope you enjoy the video and  wish to give to their school needs such as food, water, desks, supplies, uniforms, building repair, power and so much more![kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

More habitat for the critically endangered black rhino

To extend the habitat for the black rhino to Soysambu we have to secure the area so this means the a game fence so I am in the US spreading the word and hoping to gain support as quickly as possible…. big  task with all that is going on at the moment. Any help and advice is very welcome.