Elmenteita Community Dispensary

Elmenteita Clinic


Elmenteita Dispensary is sponsored by Constituency Development Fund (C.D.F) Project and it has been under construction for a few years withou completion due to lack of insuffiecient funds. Thanks to Safaricare International Foundation (S.C.I.F) through Soysambu Conservancy who have donated funds to see it’s completion.

This is going to cater for people from the Communities neighboring Soysambu Conservancy especially women and children who walk a long distance to get medical treatment.

Solar Powered fence

fencing posts

The Solar powered fence is donated by Kenya Wildlife Service so far 486 posts have been put, wires to be put after completion of planting the posts.

Accidents at the Highway

Transafric Highway accidents

Transafric Highway accidents

Recently accidents have been occuring on the Trans-Afric Highway causing deaths,injuries, damage of property and lose of animal life. This is due to lack of electric fence to contain animals to the lower side of the Conservancy. Kenya Wildlife Service has started to put up a 10 km solar powered fence so as to minimise the accidents but the rest of 75 km fence is yet to be fenced when funds are available.

Your help is appreciated

Dear Valerie, Susan, Jenny, Jackie, Marion and Marvin,  Thank you for your donations. They are very much appreciated and we will utilize these funds to our best ability. We are very busy helping with the construction of the dispensary in Elmenteita and the school food programme is just getting going. We only have 63 guards to patrol the Conservancy protecting the people, wildlife and livestock on 48,000 acres. They work very hard long hours and still can’t cover this vast area. We can only operate one vehicle with our limited funds.  Every penny you donate is going to help the Conservancy fulfill its mission and we thank you for your contributions. Kathryn Combes – Director

Soysambu Conservancy- Here are the Rains: Better late than never

Written by Zurijanne Kelley, Soysambu Volunteer

The past two weeks there have been rains. Not your average rains that roll around for about a day or two and then disperses. No. These rains have been so frequent that Lake Elmentaita can now be seen glistening in the distance with waves of pink clustered throughout the lake from the flamingos. Before the rains, the flamingos refused to be seen on the far shores of the once dried portion of the lake. Even the two rivers that join together to flow into the lake are once again filled with flowing water!

As I move about Soysambu, I can see the difference that the rains have brought. The roads display track stories of vehicles and wildlife that have passed through, the grass is visibly greener and crisp with life and everyone and everything is happy that the rains have come. Even so, I think the rains forgot to remind the Great White Pelicans that he was coming and that they too should return to their islands on Lake Elmentaita so that their white bodies may be intermixed with the pink of the flamingos like a wondrous sunset. I hope that they will come soon as this lake which is 3/4 kept by Soysambu is an important breeding ground for these birds.