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Soysambu Conservancy in a non-profit organization and survives on conservation fees from visitors and donations to sustain our security operations, community outreach and ecological monitoring programs. Without your support we could not continue operating.


Visit Soysambu Conservancy where we offer beautiful lodges, tented camps and bush campsites. Conservation fees are vital income to the conservancy.


Purchase Simon Combes' "The Solitary Hunter" Anniversary Edition™ Fine Art Canvas from Greenwich Workshop and 50% of the proceeds go to Soysambu Conservancy.


Anyone can join:

Friends of Soysambu Conservancy Charitable Trust

Donate in Kenya and get a tax break



If you live in the UK and like to donate click here.


If you live in the USA and like to make a tax deductible donation, please click this button which connects to Paypal where you may use your Paypal account or major credit card.

This service has been made available by Soysambu Conservancy USA.  A huge thanks to James Huffman, Virginia Huffman and Hilda Adams for their perseverance in getting this organization established.  For more information, please contact


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Currently, our major needs are:

  1. Predator Proof Bomas
  2. Perimeter security fence
  3. Wildlife ranger training
  4. School Lunch program
  5. Healthcare (medicine, vitamins, medical supplies for Dispensary)
  6. Education (scholarships)
  7. Endangered Species Conservation Program
  8. Water for Wildlife


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