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Elmenteita Dispensary
Distribution of nutritional supplements
De-worming programme

In May 2006, the Elmenteita Dispensary Self Help Group (EDSHG) approached us asking for assistance in developing their health facility in the village of Elmenteita which borders Soysambu.

The purpose of their proposal was: “Even though the need for all basic facilities in the area is high due to the level of poverty, joblessness and illiteracy, the local community feels that one of their biggest challenges would be accomplished if there was availability of a local dispensary.”

Since then, the Elmenteita Dispensary has been sponsored by Constituency Development Fund (C.D.F) Project and Soysambu Conservancy. The dispensary provides essential medicines and medical services for about 6,000 people all over the region, especially women and children who walk a long distance to get medical treatment.

Little by little, generous individuals have donated enough to complete the building and run a three kilometer pipe from a borehole to provide fresh water. With the generous help of a Destiny Worship Centre (DWC) donor, equipment was provided and, in late 2014, the dispensary became operational.

Now with a renewed commitment of aid from the government, a staff house is being constructed to provide full time healthcare services.

Our DWC partners provided funding for the school lunch program. The feeding program was started in 2009 to improve the nutrition for the school children to attend classes and improve their educational opportunities.

Elementeita Clinic
Elementeita Clinic
Reviewing medical history
Reviewing medical history