In addition to booking your accommodations, please make sure to book your visit PRIOR to your arrival to Soysambu. No one is allowed into the conservancy without a booked reservation. Book with Soysambu here>>>

Conservation Contribution

Residents/Citizens (KES)
Non-Residents (USD)
Adults: 1,200 Adults: 47
Children and Students: 600 Children and Students: 24

Tour Guide

Day Game Drive 1,200 (KES) max 3 hours

Night Game Drive 2,000 (KES) max 3 hours

Rates are per day and inclusive of VAT.

School Groups

Community School Groups (KES)
International School Groups (KES)
Adults: 600 Adults: 1200
Secondary: 250 Secondary: 600
Primary: 60 Primary: 500

Rates are per day and inclusive of VAT.


Residents/Citizens (KES)
Non-Residents (USD)
Adults: 600 Adults: 24
Children and Students: 350 Children and Students: 12

Private Campsite booking per day 5000 (KES)

Rates are per day and inclusive of VAT.

Special Activities

Including: Horse riding, cycling, motorbiking

600 (Kshs)

Rates are per day and inclusive of VAT


Cars, vans, buses (KES)
Trucks (KES)
Less than 6 seats: 350 1 – 3 tonnes: 1,200
6 – 12 seats: 1,200 4 – 7 tonnes: 2,500
13 – 24 seats: 2,500 > 7 tonnes: 5,000
24 – 44 seats: 5,000 Vehicle recovery: 10,000
45 seats+: 6,000
Resident Drivers: 200

Rates are per day and inclusive of VAT.

Night Game Drive Experience

Souvenir visitor maps are available for 600 (KES) on location

Important Information:

Children: Persons above 3 years but below 12 yrs.
Student: An individual between 18 and 23 years sponsored by a recognized learning institution with a valid student identification document. Prior arrangements are required.
Community School Groups are organized through the Community Education and Awareness officer. Please contact 0726151041
Proof of identification is required before entry.
A disclaimer must be signed before entry.
Visitor guidelines must be adhered to. We reserve the right to evict anyone who ignores these regulations.
Litter: Please take your litter and garbage away with you. We are a Conservancy and human litter and garbage can kill or seriously injure both Wildlife and Livestock.
Film Location information: Please contact
We encourage you to hire an  authorised conservancy guide while visiting Soysambu.
Bulls walking along Lake Elmenteita.
Sightseeing during a day game drive.
Mbweha Camp at Lake Nakuru.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself and others from Covid-19.

Observe the recommended preventive measures: Wash your hands – Maintain social distance – Wear a mask.

In case of emergency please contact 0711 235 039