Acknowledgements and Credits

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to Soysambu Conservancy. Every visitor helps through conservation fees. Those of you who have contributed through your generous donations, we thank you so much.

The children on Soysambu thank you for a hot meal every day. The communities surrounding Elmenteita Village thank you for help in constructing the dispensary and supplying the equipment and supplies. Our rangers thank you for uniforms and equipment so that they can do their job. The wildlife thank you for helping provide a safe habitat in which to live.

Thank you to the volunteers and students who have assisted in the different aspects of Soysambu.


Soysambu Conservancy wishes to thank the following photographers who have kindly donated their work to enhance the look of our website. Their generosity allowed us to portray the work we do with images. Out of courtesy, please ask permission at before using any images on our website.

Guy Combes
Guy Combes

Guy Combes

Guy (AFC, SAA) was born in Kenya in 1971, the son of renowned wildlife artist, Simon Combes. His art background came not just from his father, but an interest in exploring different forms of media and commercial application. His education included sculpture and design at college in England where he also majored in history of art. He returned to Kenya in 2001 and quickly rekindled his love for Africa and her wildlife, becoming involved in a number of conservation causes for which he now tirelessly campaigns, including Soysambu Conservancy – his Kenyan home – and preserving the rich mosaic of biodiversity in the Great Rift Valley. His art may be viewed at

Kat Combes
Kat Combes

Kathryn “Kat” Combes

As a child, Kat was fortunate to travel the globe with her artist parents. Educated in art and theatre, Kat met her husband, wildlife artist Simon Combes, while managing an art gallery in Colorado. This changed her life and brought her to Kenya where a whole new world of conservation and photography emerged. Kat learned photography while gathering reference material for her husband’s paintings. In 2003, she became involved in Rhino Rescue Trust Kenya as an administrative assistant. She later took over her husband’s role of Project Director Kenya in 2005. Soysambu Conservancy, Ltd was established in 2007 and Kat was named executive director of the fledgling organisation. Since then, she has played an integral part in establishing the World Heritage Site and remains on many conservation boards and committees. Contact her at

Lonnie and Andrea Haynes
Lonnie and Andrea Haynes

Andrea and Lonnie Haynes

Andrea (Kay) and Lonnie (Lorenz) are the husband / wife team behind Kay Lorenz Designs. Photography and travel have been a part of their life since their teens. After full careers in IT and parenthood, they now devote their time and talent to capturing inspiring images around the world.


We would also like to acknowledge their contributions and offer our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals and organisations:

Alexander Zeverijn

Long Family Photos

Artists for Conservation

Mbogo School

Delamere Estates

Projects Abroad

Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Rowena White

Jenise Wooten

Simon Thomsett

Juliet Barnes

Soysambu Conservancy staff

Kiboko School

Sylvia McGuire

Henry Ole Sanoe

Will Richardson

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