We hope you enjoy your stay and appreciate the wildlife and scenery here on Soysambu Conservancy. As a visitor, you have been given access to a delicate wildlife area. Care and attention is required if damage and disturbance to the environment is to be avoided.

Lake Elmenteita and the surrounding lakeshore are a National Wildlife Sanctuary, World Heritage Site, Ramsar Site and Important Bird Area. Please respect the international guidelines governing these designations.

Quick Guidelines:

Drive slowly and limit your speed to 40kph so you can enjoy the birds and wildlife. The soil and grasses here are very fragile so driving off a track will cause damage.
Please take care when outside your vehicle and don’t wander into the bush. Always be aware of your surroundings and how your actions affect the peace of the environment and the natural behavior of the wildlife. Dangerous wildlife reside throughout Soysambu.
When walking away from your lodge, camp or vehicle engage an authorized guide or an armed KWS ranger.
While driving slowly please give way to any wildlife or livestock that come into your path.
Beware of fire especially during the dry season. One spark could send acres of habitat into an inferno in minutes so please light a fire only in designated areas in the campsites.
Litter can destroy the game viewing experience for everyone so please take your trash with you and if you find any lying around please help by picking it up and depositing it in the bin at our main gate.
Lake Elmenteita is a breeding site for many water birds around the shorelines so please take care when approaching the lake. Any disturbance might destroy a breeding session. Wading, swimming, boating and riding in the lake cause undue damage and is prohibited. Use the Bird Hide when viewing the breeding pelicans.
Please do not remove any plants or trophies.
Remain quiet when viewing wildlife and do not cause distress to animals. Harassment of wildlife is prohibited. Do not feed the wildlife.
Firearms and weapons of any kind are prohibited except with authority from the Management.
Collection of firewood is prohibited.
Please do not photograph local Communities without their permission.

Camping Guidelines:

We understand that as part of your camping experience, litter and garbage will be generated.
We respectfully request that all litter and garbage be collected and taken out of the Conservancy by you. This includes tin cans and anything you might be tempted to throw into the campfire, including cigarette butts.
Please do not leave “bio-degradable matter” – it is unsightly and takes a considerable period to degrade and encourages unwelcome visitors to your campsite.
A bin is provided at the Main Gate should you wish to deposit your litter.
Do not leave an unattended campfire and make sure the fire is completely out if you leave the area.
Should we find that a “Clean Up Operation” is necessary after you have left – we reserve the right to invoice you for costs incurred.
We appreciate feedback and comments. If you note anything of concern during your visit that you feel may be worthy our attention, please inform our Management.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself and others from Covid-19.
Observe the recommended preventive measures: Wash your hands – Maintain social distance – Wear a mask.
In case of emergency please contact 0711 235 039.


Soysambu Conservancy reserves the right of access and may ask anyone perceived to be causing a disturbance or damage to the environment to leave the Conservancy.