Code of Conduct

Welcome to Soysambu Conservancy (SC), a working wildlife reserve and cattle ranch of 48,000 acres.  We strive to utilize this balance for the benefit of this ecosystem.  We do hope you enjoy your stay and appreciate the wildlife and scenery here in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya.  As a visitor, you have been given access to a delicate wildlife area, care and attention is required if damage and disturbance to the environment is to be avoided.


SC reserves the right of access and may ask anyone perceived to be causing a disturbance or damage to the environment to leave the Conservancy.


  1. Speed Limit is 40 KPH.
  2. Off road driving is strictly prohibited.
  3. Walking is prohibited except at designated sites.
  4. Wildlife & Livestock have the right of way.
  5. Lighting of Fires is prohibited except at designated sites (Campsites).
  6. Please do not discard litter.
  7. Please do not block other vehicles while viewing game (pull off the road).
  8. Please do not hoot while in the conservancy.
  9. Please abide by instructions from Authorized officers.
  10. Please do not cause distress to animals (harassment of wildlife is prohibited).
  11. While visiting game blinds, ensure use of an authorized guide.
  12. Feeding of wildlife is prohibited.
  13. Collection of plants and trophies is prohibited.
  14. Fire arms and weapons of any kind are prohibited except with authority from the Management.
  15. Collection of firewood is prohibited.
  16. Please do not photograph local Communities without their permission.
  17. Swimming and boating on Lake Elmenteita is prohibited.
  18. To book a game blind or a sundowner site, contact the Office:  +254 (0) 711235039


We appreciate feedback and comments.  If you note anything of concern during your visit that you feel may be worthy our attention, please inform our Management.





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