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If you’ve never seen it, the Great Rift Valley in Kenya is a must! It is one of the geologic wonders of the world. Standing on the ground where our ancestors walked this earth for the first time, or climbing the dramatic volcanic cones you can see the powerful geologic activity where the earth is pulling apart…rifting…a feature on the face of the earth that can be seen from the moon. Species of animals have lived in harmony with nature for eons here. This far south there was no ice age, Soysambu is 30 miles south of the equator at an elevation of 6000 feet. As you stand on Soysambu  and look east you can see the Aberdare Mountains, turn around and there is the Mau escarpment beyond which lies the magnificent  Masai Mara. Soysambu is located just 2 1/2  hours from Nairobi off the main Nairobi to Nakuru road, Soysambu is the perfect location for an easy getaway from the hectic Nairobi city life or if you are traveling from afar, spend a few days soaking up the beauty and history of the area while enjoying gamedrives, walks and other activities offered through the lodges and camps on Soysambu.

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